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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HENRIETTA'S HOAX --- Coming Soon

   It has taken a long time, but I hope to publish my sequel to Deverell's Dilemma in the next month. Several readers had mentioned how much they liked a couple of my characters. I felt the same way about them, thus Henrietta's Hoax was written.

    I sent Henrietta's Hoax to Avalon Publishing in late 2011. At that time the owner was working on a deal to sell the publishing business. Many manuscripts sat in their office until April of 2012 when it was announced Avalon had been sold to Amazon. I told you about this earlier.

  The manuscripts that had not been contracted by Avalon were turned over to Amazon. The good part of the sale was our published books were put into paper back and Kindle. The hard part was my manuscript for Henrietta was now on a desk waiting -- again.

The first of this year I got a refusal from Montlake, the romance publisher of Amazon. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my book but decided to do a complete edit with the help of my critique partners, Barb, Cecily & Diana. After much thought I decided to e-publish on Kindle. For the last six months I have made royalties on Deverell's Dilemma from Kindle sales, so it seemed like the best place for it.

 Keep your eyes open for HENRIETTA'S HOAX.



S. D. Keeling said...

It's wonderful that we have so many options as authors these days. Congratulations on your success with Deverill's Dilemma, and good luck with Henrietta's Hoax!

Lisa Medley said...

That's great! The waiting is the hardest part! Sounds like you have a wonderful plan in place to move forward :)Woo Hoo!