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Friday, July 15, 2011

Regency Romance (part two)

   In Regency times before a man could court a young woman he had to ask her father's permission. The father might ask if the girl was willing and allow her to make the choice. Or he might tell her the young man would be offering for her and she was to accept.

   During the courtship the fellow would squire his lady to the theater and other entertainments. After the engagement, stolen kisses, love letters, small gifts and moments alone would be allowed, but a chaperone would be somewhere lurking about. Of course we all know more intimate things did happen, but not in a sweet romance.

   The Prince Regent set a rather profligate tone for the era with mistresses and many illegitimate children. Some of the noble families followed his example. Young women were warned to ignore their husband's mistresses.

One of the interesting customs for a married woman was the attachment of men called cisebows. Some husbands did not care for the round of parties and soirees their wives  attended so the women had male friends who escorted them. They showered her with flowery compliments and acted the gallant, all with her husband's approval. these relationships were supposed to be platonic, but it does make you wonder.


Karen Utter Jennings said...

Love your blog, Kaye! I didn't know you had one until you posted to Jill, so I'll follow you. Congrats on your 2012 publishing! Woo Hoo! Karen Utter Jennings

Kaye said...

Dear Karen:
I'm just really getting to understand how all this works. The blog, publishing, etc. is all new to me, but I'm learning.
Thanks for stopping by.