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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Regency England

     In 1811 King George the third was no longer able to rule England due to his 'madness' now known to be caused by the disease Porphyria. His son George became the Regent, or the ruling power. The period lasted until the death of George the third in 1821 when the Regent became George IV. I have found variations on these dates in different articles and books. Jane Austen began to write her novels in 1797 which is usually included in this era.

     The war with Napoleon was being waged in Europe as well as the American War of 1812 -1814. In 1815, the end of the Napoleonic war, soldiers came home to an economic depression. Riots raged amongst the laboring poor across the country because of unstable prices and working conditions.

     In the midst of all this most of the the nobility continued their lives as usual. The Prince Regent the most extravagant of all. He built luxurious homes including the Pavillions which he regularly redecorated at the slightest whim.

  Next time Romance in the Regency.

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