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Friday, August 7, 2009

Words and Images

The goal of the writer is to create an image in your mind that grabs your emotions. A photographer wants to capture an image that creates a story and pulls you into the picture.

I have read from early childhood. some of my fondest memories are of the library in my home town. I would take home as many books as they would allow. I not only read, but I would lay awake at night and make-up stories in my head. I never dreamed I would someday put my stories on paper.

A few years ago I discovered the fun and excitement of taking pictures. The new digitals make it so easy. I came by the love of photography naturally as my parents had a portrait studio for a short period of time after World War II.

They started their business in our home. We were people in a lower income bracket and the cost of a studio was out of the question. You've heard of starting on a shoestring? I remember my father digging out our cellar and putting up walls to make a darkroom for developing pictures under our house.

I was only nine years old so I don't know the technical terms for his equipment but I do remember the spotlights and large portrait camera set up in our living room when clients were expected. Sometimes he let me look in the camera , which showed the people upside down. I couldn't figure out how the picture came out right side up, but it always did. He took family and glamour shots. He practiced on my mom, brother, myself and our friends. Even our three cats.

I loved to go with him into the dark room and watch him develop the pictures. To my young mind it was magic to see him place a plain sheet of paper in a solution and watch the images appear. On some pictures he used an enlarger to magnify the scene. They would be hung up to dry then trimmed with a sharp cutter.

It's a lot like writing. You bring the characters together, swish them around in the plot. Move them from situation to situation with care. You magnify the relationship between the hero and heroine and cut away the extra words and unneeded scenes. There it is, a beautifully done manuscript waiting for the world to read.

Writing or taking pictures I am creating something and that brings me joy and satisfaction.


jrrymrwhtly said...

You are lucky to have those "practice photos" taken by your father. What a treasure that would be to have. The only professional photos of my childhood was school pictures and mine never turned out well. You definitely inherited your dad's eye for photography so I am not surprised that your creativity extends to writing too.

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Beautiful pictures! Nice site colors and everything. I am the person that people used to shove their camera into my hands and I cut off feet or heads or snap when they all have their eyes shut! I now tell them to get someone else(nicely, with the above statement). Digitals are so good.

Kaye said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you at ORA.

Beth said...

Look how fancy you've gotten by posting these gorgeous photos! I'm impressed. You're a quick learner.

Your post is beautiful as are the photos, Kaye. Really enjoyed hearing about the photography process with your Dad. What great memories.

RTHRBRTN said...

I enjoyed your pictures. Your story about your father's home studio would be a topic for Good Old Days or Looking Back.

Ruth Hunter said...

Hi Kaye..stopping by to read...beautiful photos. Wish I was better at pictures.